this is a blog about four friends and their rockin tunage. turn on, tune in, drop out.

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bros tuning in

Bridget’s Edit: So, this used to be a question, but since it’s a monster bitch to try and find the question and edit it, I’m executively changing it so it’s a post. 

Now, who the hell ARE we? 

We all went to the same high school in Minnesota, but now we’re located in different cities across the country, torn apart in our pursuit for higher education. 

I’m Peter. I listen to an unhealthy amount of obscure music, and I prefer experimental, post-rock, and avant-garde stuff. I play the drums, and I can compose shit, kinda. I’m pretty quiet usually, and everything I say is either cynical, idiotic, or philosophical on some level. But lets be honest; most of what I say is idiotic. I’m also absurdly not masculine at all, and usually run away from problems. I’m also a condescending asshole, which is why I’m usually quiet, lol.

Then theres Bridget. She’s short, but she could still beat the shit out of virtually everyone ever. Bridget technically runs this blog, and is like small-scale tumblr famous outside of this. She likes a lot of indie pop/rock stuff, and demands vocals in the music she listens to. Odds are, you probably like her music the most, due to its general accessibility.

Gaia is the least active due to her secret double life. She’s like, part of this orchestra thing, and is actually the reincarnation of the messiah transposed into mad violin skills. I’m 99% sure she listens to a ton of classical music, and is basically a pixie. (Gaia: haaa no actually outside of violin world I’m your average daytrotter-stalking indie lover with a streak of old jazz) 

However, on the opposite end of the niceness scale is Anna. She has been plotting my death secretly for years now, and will make my death look like a suicide, after slowly killing me in a Saw-esque manner. (Anna: lol, not worth the effort) She plays guitar, and listens to indie rock stuff and a disturbing amount of chillwave. She also is our resident DJ on this one app thing (if you’re following us, you’ll probably see links to it occasionally)

If you have any suggestions/comments/rude remarks, feel free to message either the blog itself or us personally. We aren’t Pitchfork; we won’t bite. Also, if you are part of a band and want us to listen to your music, please send it to us, and if we like it, we’ll post it. As a rule, if you are a band and you start following us, chances are that one of us will look through your material and find something we like. 

For legality purposes, if you are a musician who does NOT want their music on our blog thing, please send us a message and we will take it down immediately. But I mean, come on, free advertising and stuff.

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